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The “magic” frequency of 8 Hz, the Schumann resonance and our chakras

Rupert Sheldrake describes our bodies as nested hierarchies of vibrational frequencies that occur as discrete systems within larger systems and more complicated. A world of vibrational structures from those basic to the increasingly large and increasingly complex. In fact, the entire universe, from sub-atomic particles, to the more complicated life forms, to nebulae and galaxies, can be considered as a giant set of resonance fields of energy, all in constant interaction with each other.

Therefore, it is quite plausible to believe that externally imposed vibration can have an influence on our physiology. Well, there is an external frequency, an electromagnetic vibration that accompanies us, envelops us since our birth, in fact, ever since the first Homo Sapiens appeared on this planet.  It is the Schumann resonance, a huge global phenomenon of magnetic resonance imaging, which takes its name from the physicist Winfried OttoSchumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. The Earth’s surface and ionosphere interact like two giant plates of a capacitor, where the Earth is the negative part of the ionosphere and the positive part. Continue reading


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